Competition Process and Award Ceremony at WIMA

Wednesday, April 18th

13:00 – 18:00 Poster/Prototype Show & Session

Participants in Track A and B are invited to present their prototypes with posters in two sessions.
According to WIMA program, all nominees have the opportunity to present and discuss their work. WIMA participants and members of the jury can try out and discuss prototypes.
We have 8-10 tables, therefore we have space for each group to present either poster/prototype or ppt presentation. Please bring our own laptop in that case.

Teams setting up
Teams setting up their prototypes

Electrical power supply and low-debit WiFi connexion (for e-mail consultation) will be supplied. If you have special needs, contact the OC. We will forward your request to WIMA.

Session 1 – 13:00 – 15:00

ToP Trainer – NFC Personal Trainer Track A.1
(Alexey Chugunov, Janne Pyrrö, Pauli Tossavainen)

Over-C’s Vacant Property NFC Application Track A.2
(Michael Elliott, John Bridge, Chris Broughton, Ben Parrish, Claire Butler, Mark Gostlow)

Commercially available multi application NFC-Phone in Hanau Track A.3
(Peter Preuss)

VingCard electronic lock for hotels Track A.4
(Pascal Metivier, Gard Gabrielsen, Ivan Aramayo)

Mobile NFC payment using a multi-application SIM card Track A.5
(Jean-Pierre Tual, Vincent Veran, Rémi Guidet)

Point In Time Track A.6
(Karl Greenwood, Alan Cockrill, Steve Cox, James Leivesley, Andrew Letherbarrow)

iO Concept Simple Solution to a Complex Problem Track A.7
(Rob Schuurman)

Smart Stamp® & Append® Postal Service Application Track B.2
(Elliot Klein, Benoit Richard and Ian S. Gertler, Steve Lewis)

Internet of Things with NFC Track B.3
(Bora Turan)

Seeingeyephone Track B.5a
(Tapio Matinmikko, Sonja Leskinen, Vili Törmänen)

Session 2 – 16:00 – 18:00

Smart Parking Track B.1
(Alexey Chugunov, Janne Pyrrö, Tuomas Sipilä, Pauli Tossavainen)

New Technology for Citizens Track B.4
(Jo Irving, Paul Grison, Hicham Toufik, Mike Sfez, Térence Irving, Nicolas Dubel-Jam, Ronald Grison)

NFC Coming to a theatre near you Track B.5b
(Sonja Leskinen, Vili Törmänen)

Talking Media – NFC-based support for retail processes Track B.6
(Patrick Nepper, Nikolaus Konrad)

(Thomas de Lazzari, Jean-Louis Agostini, Julien Cheype)

Oystar – Mobile Loyalty software Track B.8
(David Slocombe, Adrian Ashley, Dane Šoba, Žiga Hajduković, Rok Jamnik)

A Lightweight Framework for User-Centric NFC Applications Track B.9
(Uwe Sandner, Jan Marco Leimeister)

Mobile Sales Assistant for retailers (MSA) Track B.10
(Stephan Karpischek, Stephan Hamacher)

PERCI: Delivering services through real world objects Track B.11
(Massimo Paolucci, G. Broll, J. Hamard, E. Rukzio, A. Schmidt, M. Wagner, K. Wisner)

PillToucher Track B.12
(Dr. Eran Schenker, Mr. Eyal Kelinsky, Dr. Inon Schenker)

iO® open; Home is not far away Track B.13
(Rob Schuurman, Jan Hendrik Croockewit)

(Note: Confirmed attendees are printed in italics)

18:30 – 19:00 Jury Decision (Parallel)
Members of jury name 10 finalists to present at award ceremony.

19:00 – 20:00 Buffet & Cocktails
Food, Wine and soft drinks for everybody (on Exhibition floor).

20:00 – 21:00 AWARDS CEREMONY
Final Presentations af all 10 finalists A&B.

Invited teams have max. 4 minutes to present their solutions. (Presentation from WIMA laptop with slides and movies already installed. All presentations must be forwarded by e-mail to Joanna Merchie and Florian Resatsch at least one week prior to the event)

Final Presentations

21:30 – 21:45 Award Ceremony
Announcement of 8 Special Prices and “Best NFC Application Awards”

21:45 – 22:00 Closing words
NFC Outlook, Community building, Next events


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